Sire and Dams


Lionhearted Bear, Sire

Lionhearted Bluegrass Bear is a 5 year old AKC English mastiff with a beautiful chest and head.  His AKC papers register him as brindled, however, he is very black and only shows a bit of brindle on his chest. His pedigree is Lionhearted and has champion bloodlines. Parents were Man in Black (J.C.) and Back in Black. Bred by Gloria Davis and came to his forever home with us in 2011.

Bear has a double brindled gene and should always produce black brindled puppies. He has a great personality and loves to be a lap dog! Very gentle and loving, he has that typical mastiff face that anyone could love! Bear is available for stud and makes beautiful puppies! Please see our Past Puppies page for pictures.

Bear has been tested for OFA hips, dysuria and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). Hips came back as GOOD, stating no evidence of hip dysplasia. Both the dysuria and PRA tests came back as NORMAL.

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Queen Liberti, Dam

Queen Liberti Belle is a 3 year old apricot AKC English mastiff who we got when she was just 8 weeks old. She is our happy mastiff who is constantly wagging her tail and “talking” to us. She is very vocal and loves attention. She has always been more active than our other two, but we wouldn’t have her any other way! She will, however, sit very quietly when you are petting her, until you stop, then she is up and at it again!

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Princess Aurora, Dam

Sloans Princess Aurora is a 3 year old fawn AKC English mastiff. She has always been very loving and easy to get along with. Those eyes are so beautiful and you just can’t resist them! Aurora has been with us since she was 8 months old as companion for our other female at the time. She is very playful when she wants to be and will never turn down a dog “cookie”.

All of our dogs are inside dogs, however, they have a large fenced in yard to roam around when they want too. Bear and Liberti prefer to be outside on cooler nights and love to sleep on the porch. Aurora, on the other hand, like the Princess that she is, would much rather stay inside and sleep in the kids’ rooms.

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