Past Puppies

1080861_10153159608955722_1343487945_n gina aksel 6 mnths Male about 6 months old in this picture.


1167939_10201843690600550_1489060197_n Ruby O 6 mnth picFemale about 6 months old in this picture


483536_10200431815309469_2074454245_n Ruby C in bed Female at about 10 weeks



973121_10200790527277044_1812284931_n Ruby CFemale about 4 months old in the picture, out grew her bed!


600751_156555594524536_168474902_n Mamba 10 months  Female about 10 months in this photo playing in her creek outside her home.


1044961_143014259229871_254283452_n dudley 10 months Male about 10 months old in this photo

This is a pup for Aurora and Bear. Age of about 10 months old


Male-1.5 years

10 month old 129 lbs

10 month old 129 lbs